Dr. Bijli – The Dr. of Electrical Circuit

/Dr. Bijli – The Dr. of Electrical Circuit

Dr. Bijli – The Dr. of Electrical Circuit

I was away from home for 10 days for Diwali. when I came back and switched on the lights then all of the LED lights in my drawing room got short circuited. We got afraid that what happened then in midnight we called society electrician to check what has happened. He informed us that a plate on which all neutral wires were connected got rusted and it leads to a voltage fluctuations.

We checked other rooms sockets, circuits and devices all were ok but one or two plugs got burned. We thanks to god it didn’t catch fire otherwise it could have lead to a serious situation.

At this point of time I wanted to make sure that every socket plugs and devices are fine or not and wanted to check what other problems are still there.

Then I came across to Dr Bijli which do a kind of audit in which it checks all the safety parameters related to sockets, wires, Distribution board, phases and loads. They have very talented employees holding degree in electrical and its instruments . They recommend you that what all need to change and what all need to be taken care.

I think, in India, most of the house does not follows the standard provided by the Indian government. Dr. Bijli also assured you that whether connection and loads are as per government slandered or not.

In order to bring the house under safety measure I will strongly recommend Dr. Bijli.

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