Full House Testing

o Qualified Electrician
o Upfront Pricing
o Available on your schedule

Home Electrical Testing

o Load Mapping
o Load Balancing
o Socket Testing
o Trip Testing
o Current Leakage Check
o Overload Check
o Tag Numbering

Office Electrical Inspection

o Building Load List
o Transformer Inspection
o LT Panel Inspection
o Earthing Inspection
o Transformer Sizing
o Power Cable Sizing
o PF & MDI Analysis
o And more...

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When to go for Home Electrical Inspection:


When PURCHASING a New/Used Home

When OCCUPANCY of house is changed 

When WIRING of house is changed

When home has had a major RENOVATION

When adding a major APPLIANCE

Once in a YEAR

Our Services

Electric Inspection

Energy Saving

Power Monitoring

Electrical Design

Our Story

About Us

Who we are

Dr. Bijli is a Company founded by IITians and aimed to enhance safety of people & property from the dangers of Electrical Risk. We provide Energy Efficiency & Electrical Audit Services for Residential, Commercial & Institutional Buildings.
The concept was formulated after the Electrical Fire incidences increased during last few years in which many people lost their lives and millions of properties were damaged which could have been saved had the Electrical Wiring & Protection system been designed and working properly. This necessitates that the Electrical Wiring & Protection System too requires Preventive Health Check Ups like our body does, to ensure its functioning in the case of eventuality.

Our Speciality


Itemized Report

Itemized Report

We provide detailed Report of Home Electrical System in booklet form.

Unique Methodology


We have a Unique Methodology for Load Mapping & Tag Numbering.

Qualified Techies

Qualified Techies

Our Techies are well Qualified & Trained Professionals.

Safety First

Safety First

We follow safe working practice such as use of Barricading, Insulation Mat etc.

End-to-End Solution

One Stop Solution

We provide end-to-end solution from Audit to Rectification & AMC.

Pass/Fail Visuals

Pass/Fail Visuals

We affix Pass/Fail Stickers at each component for identification.

Work done


Inspection Done

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Issues Found

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Sites Rectified

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Problems Fixed

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What Our Customers say


Keep it up DrBijli

Thank you so much DrBijli. Before taking your service, I had a very careless attitude towards electrical safety as like many others, I thought I have installed MCBs and my work is done and let MCBs protect my home. But your team actually helped me to understand how these MCBs can fail in crucial time. Your team did the survey and found 50% of MCBs not working and some other faults. You guys actually saved me and my family from electrical risk that unknowingly I was carrying with. I would like to thank your team for tremendous job done. Very

Ankit Bansal
Unitech Residences

Dr. Bijli is really good !!!

Till we called Dr. Bijli team to audit our house, we were not realizing that this is an “essential” service. These guys come with some hi-hi looking equipment and tell you exactly what is wrong with your Home Electrical System in a few hours. This type of professional audit should be a must for every home – God knows where the issue is lurking behind the walls. God knows… or these guys can tell you exactly ! I am impressed.

Vivek Aggarwal
ParkView City - 1

Excellent work from Dr Bijli!

Excellent work from Dr Bijli! They did a thorough audit of electrical items, identified several gaps, explained the key issues, and also rectified the errors quickly. The team comprising engineer and support team was knowledgeable and very helpful- couldn’t have asked for more. Great work guys!
I recommend all to make timely investment of electrical audit to free your mind from potential hazardous issues related to electrical malfunction.

Nitin Jain
Vipul Greens

Electric Audit a must to ensure Safety at Home

Got my house audited by and problems rectification from Dr. Bijli. I feel we are really lucky to have such service available and that too from such a professional group. – The approach is very transparent and professional.
– Staff is very courteous and professionally qualified.
The electrical safety system is much more reliable now.
Thanks to Dr. Bijli.

Kamal Kishore
JMD Gardens

Dr. Bijli – The Dr. of Electrical Circuit

I was away from home for 10 days for Diwali. when I came back and switched on the lights then all of the LED lights in my drawing room got short circuited. We got afraid that what happened then in midnight we called society electrician to check what has happened. He informed us that a plate on which all neutral wires were connected got rusted and it leads to a voltage fluctuations. We checked other rooms sockets, circuits and devices all were ok but one or two plugs got burned. We thanks to god it didn’t catch fire otherwise it

Sumit kumar Singh
Unitech Residences

Dr. Bijli, An Expert in their field…

Dr. Bijli, I can only say they are expert in their field . Very professional and systematic. Every staff is well educated . Common people has no idea about the electrical faults ,which they are living with. Team Dr. Bijli diagnose the problem and provide the solution. I can only recommend every house owner should take their services at least once to check the Electrical Health of the house.

Puneet Tibrewal
Unitech Residences

Their Team is thoroughly Professional

Their Team is thoroughly Professional. They go into detailing of all the electrical points and give a Proper Report which helps you to deal with all the faults in your house and office. I think they are Brilliant and their services are worth every penny.

Park View City-II

Shock proofed…!!

Thanks Dr Bijli, for a very Professional audit and sharing treasure trove of knowledge about Home Electrical Safety. Discovery about how a series wiring was done by builder to connect multiple power sockets with undersized wire in my house which could actually cause fire incident if these sockets are loaded simultaneously opened my eyes to sheer neglect of safety norms followed in our society.
A number of faulty (JUGAAD) connections and dysfunctional MCBs brings out the importance of getting Electrical Check-Ups done for our own safety.
Thanks again for bringing this much needed service to individual homes, God bless Team

DLF New Town Heights

A must have check for your home and office

When I first hear about Dr. Bijli, I almost immediately decided to get the audit done… Rather as an electrical engineer, I started wondering why I did not think about it earlier… When Dr. Bijli was doing audit, I realized that I was so careless about my power distribution board… There were some MCBs which were actually feeding double line, there were MCBs which will never trigger even if there is short circuit… So scary… To my surprise, half of the circuits have reversed connections… and as many of them have faulty earthing… After audit, I am more aware of

Chirag Agarwal
Ansal Sushant Estate
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