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Full House Testing

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Home Electrical Testing

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Detailed Testing and Tagging

Our home electrical Testing and tagging services are provided by professionals who care about safety

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What is Home Electrical Testing?

Making sure your home and workplace is electrically safe should always be a foremost priority.

An electrical home testing provides a thorough examination of your entire electrical system, ensuring all electrical wires, sockets, and protective devices to function accurately and to meet safety standards.

Upon completion of your electrical home testing, ‘Dr Bijli’ will provide a detailed & prioritized testing reports including areas in need of immediate attention, recommendations for improvements, and potential upgrade possibilities.

Contact us today for specialised electrical testing services that ensure your home electrical safety.

Simply give us a call or query mail and we will get in touch with you. We will visit your place when it suits you and provide excellent and efficient electrical testing and tagging services. Our services are currently available in Gurgaon. Soon we will be across India.

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Frequency of Home Electrical Testing:

Electrical issues that require Testing :

Dimming/Flickering Lights:

Lights that dim or flicker indicate a loose/faulty connection that require the expertise of an electrical professionals for the fast detection and resolution necessary to prevent damage/fire.

Flickering Light

Flickering Light

Repeated Breaker Trips

If redistributing circuit load does not solve this issue, you likely have a short circuit resulting from dangerously exposed/touching wires, broken wires, a loose connection or a ground fault.

Repeated breaker trip

Repeated breaker trip

Humming/Buzzing from Breakers

Humming/buzzing breakers indicate a faulty breaker that is overloaded and cannot trip.  Off it  manually, and get a professionals to check and prevent electrical fire.

Buzzing breaker

Humming breaker

Outlet Malfunctions

Buzzing and burnt outlets, as well as loose outlets that cannot hold a plug, indicate a very old wiring system in need of attention. Is your home short on outlets, plagued with 2-prong/ungrounded outlets, or frequently tripping breakers? If so, it’s time for an update!

Damaged sockets

Socket Malfunction

Outdated Wiring

Ancient knob-and-tube and unsafely installed aluminum wiring is extremely dangerous. If you skipped the home inspection at purchase and your house is more than 10 years old, you may need a whole home rewiring for safety.

Old wiring

Outdated Wiring

Overloaded wires

At the time of installation of electric wires, it should be ensured that wires and fuse breaker should be according to the load bear by wires.

Overloaded Wires


Wire termination without Lug

Sometime electrician wrap wire around the conductor for connection and terminates wire without lug, that is insecure for residents because it can cause electrical fire. To avoid accidents make sure that the connection of wires are proper and with cable lugs.

No Thimble

Without Lug

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is MCB ? 2018-03-07T05:49:35+00:00

Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) —A compact mechanical switching device capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions and also making and carrying currents for specified times and automatically breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions, such as those of overload and short circuits.

What is RCCB/ELCB ? 2018-03-07T05:49:05+00:00

Residual current operated circuit breaker without integral overcurrent protection (RCCB) — A residual current operated circuit breaker not designed to perform the functions ofprotection against overload and/or short-circuits.
NOTE — Similar function is provided by earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB).

Is Electrical Testing of house is necessity ? 2018-05-08T10:17:23+00:00

An electrical inspection will ensure your home’s installed electrical components are in good working conditions and do not pose a hazard to yourself or your family.

To understand the various electrical loopholes that are left by contractors, it is extremely important and necessary to carryout electrical testing.

Many homeowners ignore the precautionary measures that have been detailed in different governmental policies, for different electrical installations.

Why is Electrical Testing Important ? 2018-05-08T10:19:49+00:00

There are many reasons behind the necessity of getting an electrical testing done. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Protection against possible surges: This is a common phenomenon in different regions, especially when there is a storm. Electrical surges can not only ruin your appliances, but can also create short circuits in your house. When the testing is being done, the auditor will check for different points in the wiring that can cause this type of mishap.
  • Fire: Many a times it has been seen that an electrical short circuit has been the reason behind a fire breakout in a house. These short circuits are caused by different loose wires in the meter or in the cabling itself. During the testing, the auditor can easily recognize these faults and ask you to rectify them.
  • Shocks: Imagine touching an electronic appliance and immediately experiencing a surging electric current in your body. Although the impact may not be that disastrous; however, this could lead to other mishaps easily. Apart from this, the body current in an electronic appliance can easily hamper its performance or can render it completely non-workable. An electrical auditor can catch these faults in the wiring in time to rectify them.
What is the frequency of Electrical Testing? 2018-05-08T10:20:55+00:00

The maximum interval between periodic verifications may be recommended for guidance in the Regulatory Measures Relating to Electrical Safety and Supply under the Electricity Act, 2003 . As per recommendations Testing requires :

When purchasing a home.

When occupancy of a house has changed.

When adding an appliance.

When a home has had a major renovation.

Home Electrical Safety Tips